A Guide To All Nail Polish Finishes Available

Nail paints are one which most girls love applying. There are various options available in nail paint. Choosing one color might be difficult sometime. Lots of choices are also available in finishes. You can purchase nail paint from one of the brands.

If you find difficulty in finding finishes then this guide will help you out. Here you will understand the difference between different finishes available.


This is considered as one of the standard vegan nail polish finishes. Such nail polish finishes are available in different solid color.


Such finishes are silver toned shimmer. These nail paint finishes have a matte look and are absolutely unique and gorgeous.


When these finishes dry up then they turn out to be grainy and gritty and do have sparkles that reflect sunlight.  These nail paint finishes dry quickly and gives an enhanced appearance.


You can add glitter finishes to any color base. The glitter used here is made up of varying shapes such as hexagons, circles, and triangles.  Removal of these finishes might be a bit difficult.


Such finishes have a boost of little micro glitters that is shimmer. These look similar to a crème polish finish.  You can buy nail polish gift sets from any of the online sites if you are thinking about buying one for your girlfriend.


The color of these finishes is very catchy. The varying neon polishes do have different textures. They are not just crème. They might appear crème in the bottle but are actually matte when dries up. Browse here to know more about nail paints.


The last finish of these paints is shine free. You can add a top coat to the regular polish matte. Get matte finish polish are available in varying color. These finishes appear shiny then you wear them for a longer period.