How To Choose the Right Boxing Gloves?

One of the most thrilling games on this planet is boxing. Without the necessary protection, if you start playing the sport, you are giving an invitation to the injuries. In the game of boxing, your aim is to knock down your opponent and you only friend in the ring are your boxing gloves.

The size and type of the boxing gloves have a great impact on your game and training. Apart from the boxing gloves, you have to buy hand wraps, shoes, head-guard, mouth-guard and other gears to protect yourself from the severe injuries.   

hand wraps  

If you go the sports store, you can easily get confused on which pair to buy because you will find a variety of size and types of gloves. Here is the complete guide on how to choose the right boxing gloves :

Types of gloves

Depending on the purpose, the material and quality of gloves are decided. If you need gloves for training, sparring gloves can be used. Sparring gloves are meant to build skill and technique and not to knock down your sparring partner.

boxing gloves

Sparring gloves are basically extra padded gloves which provide more protection to finger and knuckles. Leather boxing gloves have a better life than the vinyl gloves.

On the other hand, combat fighting gloves have smaller padding. The whole purpose of the fighting glove is to knock down your opponents. Very little protection is provided to the hands in case of the fighting gloves.

Size of gloves

Depending on your body weight, the size of boxing gloves is recommended. The size of boxing gloves is measured in the ounce. You will only find even sized boxing gloves such as 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and so on. Check the below infographic for general guidelines for choosing the right size of gloves based on your body weight:

glove size chart

You can use little loose gloves during training but when you are in combat fighting, you need a pair that should fit just right in your hands. You can also navigate to this website to know more about the boxing gloves.