Essential Paper Products For Office

If you work in an office you must know the importance of having the right paper product for office use. It becomes very difficult to manage when you need to print something or sending out documents in an envelope and you don’t have the best paper product at the right time.

This is important for you to make sure that you have all the necessary papers and products in your office it will help you in maximizing your productivity.

Here are 5 innovative paper products you must have in your office at the right time:


Today, digital technology has made a lot of tasks simpler for businesses, but envelopes still hold their position. Envelopes are very essential for the productivity of the office.

These are vitally used in sending out important documents and invoices. Envelopes can also be used for sending personal messages. Below is the list of envelopes frequently used in offices:

  • DL Envelopes: These are commonly used for sending A4 documents. These can fold into three parts.
  • Wage Envelopes: These are used to hold coins, cash notes, payslips, and cheques.
  • C4 Envelopes: These are also used for holding A4 size paper letters and documents but cannot be folded.


Whether you want to address envelopes or identify the contents of a folder, you must have a sticker or label. This is the easiest way to custom ship and mails your documents. They can be easily designed and run through your inkjet or offset printer.

3.Barcode Tags

These pre-numbered or printable custom tags can be used in several ways. Using these tags you can easily print the exact quantity you want at a particular time.

4.Perforated Office Form

Every office must have a perforated paper for the better and fast printing of office forms also can be used for inventory forms.


A brochure is an important sale tool and the best way to get information to your clients in a good manner. So every office must have a professional looking brochure whether you are a financial firm or a stock trader.

These are the 5 essential paper products which will make your office task easy. Visit this post to read why the commercial sector hasn’t become paperless even today.