Finding the True Reasons of Clogged Drainages

Though you might be already aware, some of the most common reasons for clogged drainages include grease, fat, tree leaves and roots, hairs, food waste, and foreign objects.

It shall not surprise you if I claim that every household is bound to witness a drainage problem at least once in their life. In fact, such problems may happen again and again, if not dealt properly the first time it happens. You can look for a professional blocked drain plumber at


On top of this, tree roots, if try to penetrate inside the drainage pipeline or sewerage line, can cause structural damage such as cracks and collapse to your drainage system.

These substances are so sticky that they easily get affixed to the wall structure of the drainage pipe and amass over time, ultimately creating a blockage inside the pipe and interrupting the functioning of the whole drainage system.

You can clear out drain blockages on own provided you know the right technique, the right skills, and tools to do so. Some of the most widely used and easy to find tools include a plunger, auger, and snake. You can buy this from your local home improvement store or supermarket.

It is also wise to buy rubber gloves to prevent your hands from harmful germs and bacteria while fixing the clogged drains. Protective clothing ensures safety and hygiene. Before you begin, you first need to know the exact location of the blockage whether it is in sink drain, bathroom or toilet drain.