How To Increase Tennis Balls Durability?

Tennis balls are fluorescent yellow colored balls. These are covered in a fibrous felt which modifies their aerodynamic properties, and each has a white curvilinear oval covering it.

The wide range of tennis balls available all look fairly similar but can vary considerably in terms of performance. A good bouncing ball is very much required to play a better tennis game.

tennis pressureless balls

The tennis ball pressurizer tube ensures new tennis balls never lose their bounce. By storing them in the tube, the balls will keep bouncing like brand new balls, until the felt wears out. This amazing tube restores the pressure of the balls to its original 14 psi.

It can generally store up to 8 balls at once, making it an affordable solution. Because frequently changing the balls after a few games is a pricey affair.

So you can play the same ball again and again without worrying about the bounciness. If you have some old ball laying around then get those and keep it inside the tube as it can very well revive the dead balls.

Tennis chunks are usually sold in pressure cans, and where the pressure would be just like the pressure interior tennis ball. There are two types of tennis balls :

  • Pressurized tennis ballsThese balls are light in weight and you can generate more spin with them. Also, since they have less mass they spin faster.

pressurizer for tennis balls

  • Pressureless tennis balls┬áThis kind of ball feel a little dead at the start. But, over time, as the cover on ball wears away and the rubber inside softens, these balls actually become more bouncy. But these balls are heavier in mass than pressurized balls. And while the balls may become bouncier, their spin response decreases over time.

Look at more info on how to bring back life into tennis balls. As a good bouncing ball is very much required to play a better tennis game. No doubt, a better bouncing tennis ball results in a good game.