Indoor Rock Climbing for a Birthday Party Idea

If you are looking for something unique for a birthday party, you should consider going to an indoor rock climbing wall. It is appropriate for almost all ages and indoor climbing improves fitness while building trust, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

The kids learn how to climb, they cheer each other on as they climb to the top and gain a real sense of accomplishment.

Climbing centers have walls with various difficulties. As the children become more confident and experienced in climbing, they want to take on a greater (yet safe) challenge.

Is it Safe?

The climbers wear a harness and are controlled by an educated and experienced bilayer. Not only does the bilayer control the ropes but he (or she) also provides encouragement and confidence to the climber.

Climbing wall indoor provides beginners and advanced climbers with fun, timeless and inspirational climbing experience.  

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The bilayer is the person in control of the ropes as the climber is ascending or descending the wall or rock.

The bilayer passes a rope through a belay device, which allows the rope to flow freely while the climber is ascending. In the event of a fall, the belay device will lock off the rope to stop the fall.

The proper belaying technique is essential in climbing to ensure the safety of the climber. If a climber were to fall, the belayer would be able to hold the entire weight of the climber and to help lower them to an area where they may continue climbing.

The more bilayers you have working, the greater number of kids climbs at one time. Waiting for their turn gives them time to rest as well as giving them the opportunity to cheer their friends on.