Prayer Beads- Focus Your Mind in Meditation

If you have been exploring different meditation methods for a while, and find your mind wanders more than you would like, you may find using prayer beads helpful. Have you ever noticed how prayer beads help you to relax your body while focusing the mind?

Actually, prayer beads is an ancient practice, in which touching each progressive bead as you read a mantra or prayer continuously brings your thought back to the present moment. You can also browse for prayer beads and pick the style you like the most.

Prayer beads are made of different materials including wood, seeds, gems, bone, or even spirals of wool.

Choosing Your Beads

Different religious traditions have different patterns and numbers of beads. For an instance, Tibetan prayer beads can be arranged in a circle, such as necklace or bracelet, with the crucifix, tassel or different size beads to designate a starting and ending point for medication.

Choose the beads that look beautiful, or the one you would like to touch.  Holding the prayer beads should bring you happiness or joy, so you can include these beads often in your meditation practices.

Choosing the Style

Prayer beads come in a variety of styles so you can easily choose the one you like the most. A Buddhist or Hindu Mala prayer beads usually have 108 beads. On the other hand, Tesbih used in Islam come in 99 beads, so you can repeat 99 names of God.

In Christianity, the Orthodox Chotki contains 100 beads, while the Roman Catholic Rosary uses five combinations of 10 beads, named as decades, separated by larger beads. Look at this website to know why are we obsessed with Mala Beads.

How To Choose Your Prayers or Mantra

No matter, whether you follow a faith tradition practice or not, you can choose the beads that suit your personality, and use them with whatever mantra or prayer you find most effective.

In conclusion, you will be able to concentrate more easily, while relaxing both your body and mind.