All About Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom ) is a kind of camera which can be operated remotely. PTZ cameras offer many benefits over standard security cameras. You can remotely instruct directions and can control its zoom in-out focal points.

Indeed, the view angle of standard surveillance camera can be set at the time of installation only. You cannot tilt it after you have implemented the camera. Whereas PTZ camera is flexible and can rotate at the angle of 360 degrees.

It has the capacity to cover large areas, like parking lots, rooftops, etc.

You can check out various PTZ models and their features at In fact, you can control PTZ camera through a smartphone, computer/laptop, and iPad/iPhone also.

PTZ cameras offer the best security features, that you might have never experienced in any other security device before. As High-Definition resolution cameras, powerful motorized zoom lenses, high-speed motors. This powerful combination of features can replace up to four regular security cameras.

Moreover, PTZ camera with audio can also record voice along with a video. PTZ cameras help to minimize your costs while maximizing your level of protection. PTZ cameras can also detect motion of person or object. And, hence it automatically tilts to follow the targeted object. This benefit in case of identifying theft, and unknown threats.

PTZ cameras provide a high-quality image in night vision as standard security cameras are unable to provide videos and images in poor lighting conditions. PTZ cameras use light emitting diodes which emit infrared light with the use of IR filter.

Which makes the PTZ lens to capture excellent video images in very dark conditions. Visit this link to study how PTZ cameras have managed to build their grounds in a broadcast system.