Wooden Hangers And Their Types

Wooden hangers are considered as the high-quality hangers in the world of fashion. Some of the benefits of having wooden hangers are look, feel, quality, durability and functionality. Whether you are stocking your own closet or stocking up your store, wooden hangers will give that extra appeal.

Hangers can be made from several types of wood. Contemporary stores make use of natural wood finishes. They are also a great choice for darker shade closets. For the metal components, you may select chrome or brushed nickel finishes.

Dark Walnut Hanger

Black wooden hangers made of darker woods like walnut and cherry are also available. They look good in reds and dark browns. Choosing adjustable hooks is the best decision if you want to create space in a cramped closet as you can hang your pants and skirts on the same hanger.

People also love to use black and white painted wooden hangers. First, you need to think through what will look best in your closet or store. White will make your place look brighter and lighter while blacks are high-quality hangers that will not show up more than the clothing it is carrying.

Light Walnut Hanger

Wooden Anti-Theft hangers are good for hotels, coat rooms and expensive merchandise. As they very durable, they will keep your things safe and secure by preventing your guests from carrying the hanger with them when they leave.

Moreover, your guests will love to have correct shape, durable and non-slip wooden hangers to hang their expensive clothing when they are visiting your place. This will affect your business in a positive way.

Wooden Hanger

Bamboo hangers are the latest in trend. If you support using eco-friendly products, you may opt for hangers made up of bamboo. The distinct texture and appeal of the wood will make your closet or store look beautiful.

These were some of the types of hangers that you can choose from. You may click here to read more on the different types of coat hangers.