Tips for Successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can work, but you must consider that Facebook is a social media platform. Use it to get recognition and credibility in your chosen niche, but don't overdo it in sales.

Read the below tips for some great ideas:

1. Add the Like Button to your Website

If you have a word press blog, you can add plugins to your blog that places the Facebook Like button on your blog. Visitors to your blog can then click the like button and it will be displayed on their Facebook newsfeed and increase your blog's awareness. You can also enable auto commenter for Facebook features for better productivity.

If you don't have a word press blog, there are also many options to add it, just do a search on Google for Facebook like buttons and you will find many options. Facebook has its own page where you can enter your URL and they will give you a code to copy to your website.

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2. Create page

One of the most effective things you can do in your Facebook marketing campaign is to create a business page. Unlike your profile page which has a limit of 5000 fans, if you create a Facebook Page you can have an unlimited number of fans. You can also have unlimited pages. Your page must be interesting, so keep it up to date with valuable content.

3. Place the Optin Page on your Facebook Page.

Want to generate more prospects? Install the optical tab on your Facebook Fan Page. It functions exactly the same as on the website. You take the optical code from your Autoresponder like get a response, paste it into the FBML box, and you have an instant lead capture page.

4. Keep Your News Feed Clean

Block anyone who is spamming. Delete posts that you think are inappropriate for your Facebook marketing campaign. Don't use foul language and stay away from topics that can offend your readers. Just use your common sense.

5. Don't Ask Friends Until You Interact with them.

Don't just send friend requests randomly. Search for groups that are relevant to your niche. Then post relevant information, comment on other people's posts or like them, then ask them to be your friends. Facebook is about being social, so remember.