Choosing Between Private Detective And Private Investigator

If you are confused in choosing between a private investigator and a detective, then let me clear you that these two terms are identical. Different states in US issue several kinds of private detective licenses. Some of these licenses are limited to a specific field of investigation, for instance ‘ Arson’.

Private Investigator

A private detective or investigator should be an expert who is trained in surveillance, investigations, finding out the missing one, information gathering, and many more areas. For a private investigator, it is a must to have contacts and professional relationship with the private sector investigators, members of law enforcement, the courts, lawyers and other people who can provide information if needed.

You must select a private detective who is licensed, bonded and covered either from the company for which they are working or individually. If someone is not having a license, they cannot work as private investigators in US.

The candidates for a private investigator license must have a minimum age of 21 years (25 in some states of US), should possess a high school diploma or an equivalent and valid experience and must be a citizen of US.

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Private Detective Equipment

If the applicant is an association, company or partnership, then the person filing on behalf of the organization, must fulfil all the requirement as mentioned above and he should also be an officer of that corporation, or a member of such partnership or association.

If the license is granted to the candidate on the basis of experience as a private investigator in a specific organization, for instance a fire department, such license shall limit the detective to perform the type of investigations only for the fire department. A general investigation license is not granted in this case.

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