Tips For Trapping Opossum On Your Own

In recent times there has been a tremendous increase in the cases where the wildlife animal attacked a residential area or infested there. So to get rid of these animals it is safe to hire a professional who offers animal trapping services.

opossum trapping is important

As trapping them on your own can be dangerous also, there will be no assurance that they are gone from your property. In this article, we will talk about the wildlife animal Opossums. These animals are extremely fierce if cornered or threatened. They have very sharp claws, teeth and have been known to attack.

These marsupials are night-time creatures and have a front pouch where they carry their young. When they reproduce, it takes a mere 13 days before they give birth to roughly a dozen baby opossums. They are omnivores, so they will eat just about anything.

Opossums can and do often carry rabies. They also carry many other diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, spotted fever and many more. The average size of opossums is 21 to 36 inches long and 4 to 15 pounds.

Below mentioned are some tips to do opossum trapping at home on your own if the case is not much severe:

  • If the possums are in your attic or under your house or shed, inspect your house to identify the entry points you’ll need to seal these areas shut after the animals are gone.
  • If the possums are living under a shed, deck, porch, or elevated house, you’ll need to install a steel exclusion barrier around the perimeter to keep them out.

  • If a possum is eating pet food or crops or bird seed, you will need to either fence these things in, or remove these attractants from the outdoors for a period of time until these nomadic marsupials wander away from the area.

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