Explaining The Various Types Of Kitchen Worktops

An ideal kitchen includes two essential features. It ought to be highly functional and visually attractive. Kitchen worktops can do wonders for your kitchen, concerning both performance and decoration. The worktops are available in various types of materials from which you can choose according to your style.

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But before doing that, you should have a little information on different materials that are used to make worktops.

Kitchen Worktops

So, the following are some typical types of kitchen worktops materials that you might pick from:


Wooden kitchen worktops provide a traditional look to your kitchen. They are made from the wood of different trees such as oak, elm, walnut, teal, etc. The biggest benefit of utilizing these worktops is that they have antibacterial properties, thus making your surface cleaner. They’re also durable.


Laminated worktops are the cheapest and best suited for limited budgets. The highest quality laminates hold a solid body and therefore are unaffected by stains. It’s essentially the lowest cost alternative, offered in various textures and colors.

Stone Worktops


The worktops made of granite are very attractive and have a longer life. Their surface is very smooth and resistant to heat, stain, water and scratches. Granite comes in a huge sheet that’s then cut into pieces of the required sizes.

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Stainless steel

Stainless Steel worktops are most often utilized in commercial industries like restaurants, schools, offices and hospitals. These stainless steel worktops aren’t confined to just commercial buildings, nowadays they’re getting popular in homes too.

These were few material types used to make kitchen worktops. You may use this useful reference to read a post on how to buy kitchen worktops.