How Did Tissue Paper Products Come Up?

In today’s world, personal hygiene is considered as an important aspect of every individual’s daily routine. Have you ever wondered how and when did toilet paper supplies come in existence?

If we go back in the historic time, ancient people of greek used stones and pieces of clay, whereas in Rome, people used sponges which were kept in salty water. People of Mid East used their left hand which was still considered unclean in Arabian region.

The first tissue paper came into existence in the year 1391 when a Chinese emperor demanded paper sheets to be sliced and placed in his outhouse. This was the first time toilet paper were introduced in China.

toilet paper rolls during the Victorian EraThey roughly measured around 2ftx3ft. The modern form of tissue paper was officially patented in U.S. in the year 1871. In 1907, a teacher in Philadelphia made use of these tissue papers when she saw her students getting ill because of using the same towel.

She sliced the towel in a square shape and gave each to her student. It was unmentionable to talk about tissue paper rolls or toilet paper rolls during the Victorian Era. It was thought to be against etiquette to talk about such stuff.

When there was an improvement in hygiene, the development of toilet papers fastened. From those old days to modern times, there have been drastic changes made in the quality of these tissue papers.

Today, these toilet papers are generally sold in bulk packages or boxes and you can also find them in single rolls. Most of the people buy them online as they get a lot of discounts and deals online. If you are also searching for the best quality tissue papers you can visit


These tissue papers are found almost everywhere, from schools to restaurants as they are considered as a basic amenity. There are different varieties of toilet tissues available in the market. You can get more information on tissue papers and their usage online.