Types of Wheelchairs You Can Choose From

People who encounter unexpected injuries due to some terrible accidents that left them unable to move without assistance are recommended to use wheelchairs. However, choosing the best wheelchair can be a bit difficult. For the ease of buying, they need to have a better understanding of wheelchairs.

There are basically two types of a wheelchair – Powered wheelchair, Standard wheelchair both the options support their own set of features.

However, most people get confused in deciding which wheelchair to choose. So, if you are the one who is in need of knowledge to select which wheelchair is the best, then try to distinguish these two types of wheelchairs and decide which one best suits to your needs.

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Standard Wheelchairs

These standard wheelchairs are also known as manual wheelchairs. They are very common in hospitals. These types of wheelchairs are being controlled or moved with the person sitting on it, and the other person from the back who is pushing it.

The good thing about this sort of wheelchair is that they are very affordable in terms of its price. But this is not convenient as it should be. Since it is operated and moved manually, you will need to put extra effort in order to keep it moving.

So, people who are suffering from arms and legs problems, especially those who are having arthritis are advised to use a power wheelchair.

power wheelchair

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are much easier to be used when compared to standard wheelchairs. It is controlled by a battery which provides the power to moved and commanded by a person using a joystick.

This has a cushion too that would make it more comfortable to use. It has also a footrest and a headrest too. The good thing is that they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

These also come with a guarantee of durability too. However, these might be a bit expensive, but they worth it. You can even check here the complete Electric Wheelchair Market Analysis.